Ho Guom Plaza
Hidden mystical strength
460 exclusive apartment
modern office space
five floors of exclusive shopping center and supermarker
Throughout the ups and downs of history, Ho Guom still retains its sparkling image in the heart of Hanoians. The combination of ancient charm with the legend of Ho Guom and the myth of the Golden Turtle God has earned this place the reputation of possessing sacred power that protects the capital’s residents. Thus, this millennial land has courageously transformed itself into a modern, dynamic and thriving area. Although continuous development has changed the outlook of the capital, the iconic Ho Guom can always be found in the image of Ha Noi. Nowadays we are looking at a perpetually expanding city with increasing suburban centres.
Situated at the most vibrant location of the new Hanoi, surrounded by many residential projects, Ho Guom Plaza emerges as the star of Western Hanoi. With approximately 11,000m2, Ho Guom Plaza is an mixed-use complex consisting of modern apartments and offices, shopping centre and supermarket. Settling down at Ho Guom Plaza, you and your family will enjoy not only the green and relaxing environment but also a modern lifestyle; fully equipped with advanced facilities including swimming pool, fitness center, 24/7 kindergarten, built in shopping center and supermarket. Ho Guom Plaza is where life begins, happiness blooms and growth is strengthened by the mystical power of the historic Ho Guom.